In his original work, Dr. Robert Marshall demonstrates numerous approaches to helping hard to treat patients. He shows how to facilitate treatment with joining techniques such as mirroring, echoing, and reflection, and how the innovative concept of sequence therapy - a systematic analysis of child, adult, and familial resistance - and countertransference exploration can vastly improve a difficult therapeutic process.  Resistant Interactions is a useful resource for clinicians with challenging patients, that is, for every clinician.

“This book is a good resource for all people working with emotionally disturbed children and their families. A useful synthesis of the concept of resistance and of the therapeutic intervention used to overcome resistances in children and parents is provided. Using his clinical experience, the author dares to go beyond the limits imposed by using only one approach. Thus this book has the advantage of effecting a rapprochement between psychoanalysis and related fields.” - Contemporary Psychology
"A creative and thought-provoking formulation of the interplay of resistant forces in the psychotherapeutic situation in and between each of the human beings present: child, family member, therapist." - Dynamic Psychotherapy